Second Trimester

👶🏻Baby shopping & week 23 update!

I know I briefly wrote about our Ikea trip last week, but I wanted to do a more in depth post about what we’ve actually bought and I will link as much as I can!  I’ve also picked up a few other bits and bobs the last few weeks, I know I said I wasn’t… Continue reading 👶🏻Baby shopping & week 23 update!

First Trimester

We’re having a BABY?!

When I was trying for a baby, I absolutely loved reading other people's stories, now that I'm pregnant it's no different! I'm obsessed with reading pregnancy blogs, I've recently started watching vlogs on YouTube it's nice to watch all the pregnancy videos, and also look into the newborn ones to know what to expect!  Instagram has also… Continue reading We’re having a BABY?!